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Another step towards independance... - napalm with novocain

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November 18th, 2004

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09:20 am - Another step towards independance...
Well I dont know what is going on. For the first time everything seems to be going my way. I am even hesitant to write about it for fear I am going to jinx it. Ok, here goes: I signed a 6 month lease yesterday for my new APARTMENT!!! Plus I went to my credit union and got a $5000 credit card that will pay off all my other credit cards, so that I only have one. Now, $5000 seems like a lot, but I have $4000 in credit card debt, and I will have an exra $1000 for emergencies. Plus the interest rate for the VISA is 11.9%, not the 28.99% I have been paying for years. For you Clevelanders, my new apartment is in Chagrin Falls. Which I know is a pricy area, but my rent is so cheap! Plus it is not just an apartment it is a coach house. It is on the property of a farm-type place. It has a large room that is the living room, dining area and kitchen, plus a FIREPLACE! An attached garage, so for the first time in my life, I do not have to scrap snow off my car, then the upstairs is like a loft, with my bedroom and bathroom (WITH A SHOWER, my parents house is super old and has no shower.) There are these walking trails behind the house, with streams and hills. It is really a dream. I move in December 10th, which will be interesting since I have to work all weekend.

Now I can shop at IKEA with a purpose!!!

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