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Dead tired - napalm with novocain

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January 3rd, 2005

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01:25 am - Dead tired
What a weekend.

Had a great time in elo. Busy day today. Came home and went to the Darrs for food, football and fun. Luckily the second was only for a short time but BROWNS win! We played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. It was great fun, but Jesse is so competitive, but then again so am I. Our team lost (Mom, Shari, Mickey and me) and I can narrow our downfall to one moment. The question is about a talk show host who said scandelous things about gays in 2000. I was so close to saying Dr. Laura, when my Mom chimes in (for the first time all game), "I know it," she says. I tell her to answer for the team, what does she says...ELLEN. For christsake mom. First Ellen came around in 2003, second I highly doubt Ellen would say bad things about the gays. And of course it was Dr. Laura. So we lost, but I can deal with that.

Later, went to the legion and met Liz and Heather. Liz is bartending since the QH debacle. She fixed big drinks at no cost, two pinapple and malibus and a jagerbomb (sp?) later I am thinking she is the best bartender ever. Off to Heather's we went to watch Princess Diaries Two and eat bad things. Classic line of the night:

Heather: Julie Andrews is a queen to me everyday.


Got to check out the newest Soap Opera Weekly, so much good stuff to come on DAYS, still have to watch Fridays ep.

Super tired, I have the Degrassi marathon from Thursday on the tivo but too tired to watch.
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: The Office (yea for digital cable)

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